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Pyrohy and


Food Sales


Easter Food Orders are now closed!

Please call to be added to our WAIT LIST!


Place your order by calling 215-362-9599 and you will receive a call back to confirm your order.


Smoked Kielbasa

Nut Rolls, Poppy Seed Rolls, Apricot Rolls, Prune Rolls

Plain & Raisin Paska


Orders will be accepted from March 1st through 21st.

Orders will be ready for pick up on Saturday, April 12th between 1-4 PM and Sunday, April 13th from 1-2 PM.


Don't be disappointed!  Order Today!




Our Homemade Pyrohy are available on Wednesday afternoons/evening during Bingo!


      Pyrohy $6.50/Dozen


Please call ahead to place your order: 215-362-9599


Don't be disappointed order your pyrohy today!!



We also have other Ukrainian specialties available for your holiday dinners!


     Kielbasa (Christmas & Easter)

     Nut & Poppy Seed Rolls (Christmas & Easter)

     Paska (Easter Bread)